50+ Bell sleeves design for blouses ideas

In this post we will share with you complete designs of bell sleeves design for blouses ideas.

Whenever it comes to dress, every girl or woman remains in confusion, whether it is to attend a small party or to attend a big party.

Latest bell sleeves design for blouses

So in such a situation, most of us choose only saree to wear. Now if we are wearing saree then it is obvious that we also need to wear a blouse because without back side bow design blouse we cannot wear saree.

And the back side brocade blouse designs photos has a hand in making the beauty of the saree even more beautiful.

Bell sleeves blouse designs

Now if we go to the market to buy a blouse, then we see many types of blouses there, some of which are very old fashioned, some are of latest fashion, now if we wear old fashioned blouse with a beautiful saree.

If we take it, then the beauty of our saree will decrease and at the same time people will think that your fashion sense is very useless.

While choosing your blouse, you should keep in mind that your blouse should not be too heavy nor too tight, our blouse should be such that we can wear it in every season and feel comfortable.

Sleeves blouse designs of bells

In today’s article, we are going to tell

you about such a blouse design, which will look beautiful as well as feel stylish and comfortable, and you can wear it comfortably in every season, be it winter or summer. So we are talking about bell sleeve design for blouse.

The first advantage of bell sleeves to talk about is its versatility. Which makes this blouse design totally different from other blouse designs which you can wear on casual as well as formal occasions.

Types of sleeves for blouse designs

You can also wear half sleeves for a more casual look and if you like you can wear it sleeveless too.

If you are a little modern type of girl, then you can wear it with jeans or even shorts.

If you wear it with a chiffon saree, then its beauty increases even more. You can keep this blouse design in your blouse collections.

New Bell sleeves design for blouses

It is fun to accessorize a blouse with bell sleeves, if you like, you can also apply tassels on the back of the simple thread work blouse designs and if you want to make it even more beautiful, you can also apply lace from the back, if you have to button the front of the blouse.

If you don’t like it, you can put it on the back and if you don’t like the button, then you can also chain it on the back, which is the latest fashion trend, women look very beautiful in this type of blouse design, you must try this once. Should try it.

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